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Let’s Live is a recreational social (media) discovery and networking platform that brings like-minded people together. Our platform not only helps you build new connections with like-minded individuals, it also allows you to foster existing relationships.

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We are all about Experiential Intelligence ®


Discover and book local happenings, virtually anywhere in the world.


Matching local guides with those who seeking to be guided.


Plot a road trip or arrange a meetup near or far.

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Marketplace where members swap and sell goods and gear.


Connect with people, places and experiences

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Your Tribe Awaits You

It is a beautiful thing to have a tribe of like-minded individuals who can provide each other social nutrition. The unrivaled benefits of a tribe are evident. Having access to like-minded individuals not only eliminates loneliness from our lives, it elevates how we feel about ourselves and the world around us.

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Experience local like
never before


Amazing people, places and experiences, locally and afar that otherwise go left unknown.


With your tribe, a new friend, or a hobby companion, heck, find your love and soul mate.

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Get up, get out and do whatever, whenever, wherever with like-minded individuals.

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An enthusiast’s dream marketplace…where sellers and buyers sell, swap, book and save!

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