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Lets.Live is a social app loaded with discovery, recreation and companionship... providing boundless enjoyment for all!

"If happiness is the goal – and it should be, then adventures should be a priority." - Richard Branson


Local like never before

  • Discover

    Amazing people, places and experiences, locally and afar that otherwise go left unknown.

  • Connect

    With your crew, a new friend, or a hobby companion, heck, find your love and soul mate.

  • Meet Up

    Get up, get out and do whatever, whenever, wherever with like-minded individuals.

  • Sell, Swap, Buy, Book and Save

    An enthusiast’s dream marketplace…where sellers and buyers sell, swap, book and save!

Your Privacy is Considered Sacred.
…As It Should Be.

Lets.Live never uses covert spying tactics or fancy algorithms to mine our members’ likes or interests. Instead, we simply ask. Yep, our member data is ALWAYS all their own and never shared or exploited.

Mutual Respect

Politics? Nope, Not Here.

Your Crew Awaits You

It is a beautiful thing to have a crew of like-minded individuals who can provide each other social nutrition.

The unrivaled benefits of a tribe are evident. Having access to like-minded individuals not only eliminates loneliness from our lives, it elevates how we feel about ourselves and the world around us.

Within our crews we surround ourselves with a powerful support system of individuals we relate to, learn from, share with and grow with...for a day or perhaps the rest of our lives

Nothing Spared

  • Explore Amazing experiences, events and attractions locally and afar.
  • Discover Places you never knew existed in your own backyard for the very first time.
  • Connect Reach out beyond your existing legacy network... locally and abroad.
  • Crews... Create, join and communicate with crews that reflect your favorite activities. Check it out.
  • Book Save Buy Access to hundreds of thousands of global deals related to your favorite types of live events, activities, tours, gear, travel and more!
  • Treks... Meet-ups created by members to connect in-person with fellow members, businesses and service providers. Check it out.
  • Swap Shop... The ultimate experiential marketplace where members and businesses of all sizes post items for trade and sale.

And SO MUCH More!!

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