Culture & Community

Mission Statement

To provide a venue to facilitate experiential discovery, opportunities and relationships that are far more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Monetization Statement

Lets.Live provides members valuable experiential inspiration, opportunities and savings, through our countless partnerships with global third-party affiliate marketing brands. Lets.Live seamlessly bridges our members directly to our affiliate partner for sales transactions to occur. When a member purchases a product or service from one of our affiliate partners, Lets.Live often earns a small percentage.

Guiding Principles

  • LIFESTYLE - At Lets.Live we believe life should be lived to its fullest. We make this possible by helping you discover new places, culture, entertainment, and useful products and services that fit your specific interests. And our social component connects you to people with similar interests, so you’ll have someone to share the journey with.
  • RELATIONSHIPS - Our platform not only helps you build new connections with like-minded individuals, it also allows you to foster existing relationships. By creating Tribes you have the ability to keep in contact with the people that you value most. TrekLink provides a designated online space to announce plans, and then helps you schedule and arrange those plans.
  • SECURITY - TrekLink puts a premium on the security and safety of our users. We have two layers of identity validation. The first is our own identity criteria. A third-party firm who specializes in confidential identity validation for some of world’s largest companies provides the second. We also provide three settings within the member profile that allow users to adjust from private, just friends, and public. And we will never share your personal information with anyone.
  • ADVENTURE - TrekLink was born from a spirit of adventure. Adventure comes in many forms. For some it can be as simple as trekking outside of town to discover a new place, event, or service. For others it can mean traveling across the globe to traverse a mountain. Either way TrekLink helps you facilitate and live your adventure to its fullest potential.
  • ETHICS - The founders of TrekLink believe in living life in an ethical and responsible manner. Within our culture we treat one another with respect and encourage our users to conduct their time on TrekLink with general kindness, decency, honesty, and consideration for others.