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Adventuring Alongside Others

Posted by Amy Fanning December 31, 2020 - Filed in  Recreation - 83 views

Our non-stop lifestyle, combined with technology, have in some ways broadened our horizons, and in some ways hindered them. While technology and a passion to “do” are inherently bad, one must consider the purpose behind their tasks and technology. Do you feel like you are living your life in a lively and fulfilling way? Do you feel like you have passions that you are chasing? Do you have a community that helps you pursue those passions? If you feel like you are lacking in these areas, you are not alone! We are here to help you connect with like-minded individuals who are adventurous, life loving, and desire others to join them in their journey. Keep reading to start your personal journey to living lively now.

Seeking Soulful Enrichment 

When the desire to have the latest and greatest gadget fades away, what do you spend your money on?  If you could trade “stuff” for memories, what kind of memories and experiences would you want? 

Maybe it is a new activity that you have not spend much time doing or have never even tried. It is important to not disregard these passions and dreams that inspire you. Soaking in new experiences, new adventures, and new cultures is what living lively is all about.  

However, we know it is hard to chase after your dreams alone, and sharing experiences with each other adds to the value of the experience as a whole. By seeking after your life-giving passions with others, memories will be made which last much longer than that funny video you just saw on your phone.

Live Lively with Dream Communities 

Technology has paved the way for feeding passions and passing on the contagious travel bug. There are so many amazing places to explore on this Earth and you may never have heard of them were it not for social media.  Visions of lush jungles, snowcapped peaks, or tropical waters pop off the screen and into our minds and daydreams.  We can live vicariously through other’s blogs and posts, but we ultimately are inspired to go out and have that same adventure.  However, the soulful enrichment that you seek in an adventure requires you to put the screen down and get moving toward to lively life.

While there is nothing like experiencing life with your own eyes, and there is nothing quite as powerful as inviting others along for the journey. This shift can happen when you are willing expect trust, enrichment, collaboration and most of all, valuable relationships with others locally and abroad. When joining Lets.Live, you are saying yes to a community that desires experiences with others, one you can be a part of right now! 

Join Let’s.Live

Lets.Live sparks discovery, inspiration, meaningful relationships, collaboration and physical activities that take place in the real world between like-minded individuals. Lets.Live is a full blown social network.  It is as robust as Facebook or LinkedIn, minus the toxicity of and the formal business nature.  Lets.Live pipes in millions of events, attractions, things to do, places to go and see that are relevant to the members' interests, location of interest, desired experiences, and availability when applicable.