About us

Life is about where we are going as people and what we are doing, on our own finite time lines, with whom we share life’s journey and what we do when we arrive.

Lets.Live provides a means to manifestation…the ability to transform the power of one’s imagination from virtual to physical, so we can engage in and with the real, the actual, the soil, the streets, and the scenes. It is not that Lets.Live is the ideal…it is merely the means. The point is that we have the potential to, and thus the obligation to, push into a higher state of being in the real world, rather than exclusively thumbing our way via the virtual world. We can share more than photos, frivolous info and memes; or we can connect more deeply with each beyond shares and posts. We can lace our boots and pack our bags to indulge with fellow members into adventure. We can go to new lands, take on new experiences, learnings, and challenges. We (Let’s) can LIVE as if live were a verb, an action rather than a series of static photos set into a sound tracked slide show. We can share the experience of life, doing more of what moves and excites us. We can thrive within Lets.Live.

With Lets.Live in-hand, members do more of what they love to do with the people they love to be with most.