What is Lets.Live?

Lets.Live is a recreational social (media) discovery and networking platform that brings like-minded people together to discuss, collaborate and engage with users of similar interests around local and distance marketplaces, filled with inspirational opportunity content. Through the Lets.Live application, users will have the opportunity to chat with and meet up with like-minded people to experience activities, bond, and foster new friendships and arrange meetups outside of the application in the physical world.

In the 21st century we all deserve our own unique way to experience life and to be connected to who, what, when and where, designed by our own preferences, rather than suggestions derived from intrusive technologies. Lets.Live empowers rather than hinders, informs rather than troubles, allowing members who wish to be social or those who seek companionship to do so at their own accord. Most of all Lets.Live enriches lives of those who are seeking something more out of life in the physical world, merely sparked by ones’ efforts initiated “virtually”.

Is Lets.Live an online dating site?

It doesn’t have to be, but it certainly can be. Lets.Live facilitates relationships across a variety of spectrums, rooted in the unique passions and interests of our members. Most “dating” sites and services place emphasis on romance where Lets.Live helps with connecting people who share similar interests and hobbies which can lead to platonic friendships, new social circles and even romantic relationships.

How does Lets.Live compare to other free apps and websites?

Lets.Live has a single mission, that is to provide a very specific social environment and marketplace that revolves around recreation, lifestyle and entertainment. Lets.Live offers tools to help members jump offline, to search less and do more with people who they love to be with most.

Is there a mobile app download for Lets.Live?

Lets.Live is currently available as a web-based app. The good news is that the development of our mobile apps for Apple and Android has begun. We’ll keep all members up to date with our progress. Until then, Lets.Live has been developed as a fully “responsive” web application.

Where is Lets.Live currently available?

Lets.Live is available throughout much of the free world.

What is different about Lets.Live compared to Facebook or LinkedIn?

What Facebook and LinkedIn don’t do is what Lets.Live does. Facebook and LinkedIn paved the way for Lets.Live.

More than anything is the emphasis Lets.Live places on protecting the privacy and freedom of speech of our members. Lets.Live, rather than employ fancy algorithms to augment the member experience, we simply ask members to tailor their own experience and step aside.

Lets.Live is specific by definition to facilitate a communal recreational lifestyle. Our mission is not to discriminate, spy on our members or pollute their lives with irrelevant content or offers. Lets.Live provides members the freedom to explore the world, near and far and meet new people on their own terms.

Is Lets.Live an online travel agent (OTA)?

Although Lets.Live and or businesses within the Lets.Live environment may provide our members with travel products and services, Lets.Live simply provides the tools and platform for members to connect, plan and book excursions.

Where can I find additional help?

Our support team is always happy to help answer any questions you may have. Email: support@lets.live

How do I submit feedback?

We’re always eager to receive feedback, whether it’s positive, negative or suggestions for improvement. Just send us an email to support@TrekLink.com