Sunset Snowshoe Guided Hike


Explore Lake Tahoe's winter wonderland on a guided snowshoe tour at sunset. Unwind in nature's beauty with breathtaking views.

About this activity

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  • Duration

    2 hour


  • Highlights
    • Spectacular Alpenglow Views: Hike offering breathtaking alpenglow vistas
    • Escape the crowds with our private winter trail, ensuring tranquility.
    • Create cherished memories against Lake Tahoe's snowy backdrop
  • Full description
    Guided Sunset Snowshoe Hike: A Mesmerizing Winter Escape
    As the sun begins its descent, our adventure kicks off with an equipment gathering session and a brief introduction. Ensuring everyone is geared up for the experience, we embark on a journey through the changing hues of the evening sky. This initial phase sets the stage for an unforgettable exploration.

    Gear Up and Intro: Sunset's...  more
  • Includes
    • Gear up hassle-free as the sun sets, ensuring readiness for the magical journey.
      Winter Wonderland Exploration:
      Traverse the serene Tahoe National Forest in the warm, golden hues of a relaxed evening climb.
      Ascend through open meadows, each step reflecting light from snow crystals in a mesmerizing dance.
      Capture Palisades Tahoe resorts bathed in alpenglow, witnessing Sierra Nevada's transformation.
      Secluded Adventure:
      Exclusive trail guarantees tranquility, providing undisturbed serenity away from the crowds.
      Guides lead you on a mountain outing, creating lasting family memories.
      Family-Friendly Delight:
      Tailored for family fun, participants share laughter, exploration, and a deep winter connection.
      Book Your Sunset Snowshoe Tour:
      Witness alpenglow and snowshoeing wonders in Lake Tahoe.
      Join our sunset adventure, promising exploration and a deep connection with the winter landscape.
      Book now for Lake Tahoe's snowy canvas to become the backdrop for your family's winter memories!
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