Lets.Live is packed with opportunities for members to sell, swap, buy, book and save! Lets.Live doesn’t employ fancy algorithms, covert or intrusive (aka sleazy) methods to match our members up with the commerce experience in the world…we simply ask and you shall receive.

Swap Shop

Similar to FB Marketplace with a twist. The Lets.Live Swap Shop will not only provide members the necessary tools and functionality to sell and buy gear, members will also be able to SWAP gear with fellow members (swap feature debuting April 2021).

Selling: Lets.Live provides world-class tools for individuals and businesses alike to showcase products and services for sale.

Swapping: Have a spare gear collecting dust or maybe an entirely new hobby, sport or activity of interest. Simply post your swappable item with a request that describes what item(s) you would like to swap for with someone else nearby who has an item you would like to swap for yours.

Buying: Lets.Live is jam packed with highly curated buying opportunities, matched with your profile, to ensure the best offers are made available to our members. Products and services are drawn from countless sources and not limited to the following: Lets.Live Business Members, affiliate partners and advertisers.

Booking: Lets.Live offers hundreds of thousands of bookable events, tours and activities around the world, posted by Lets.Live Business Members, affiliate partners and advertisers…from a small charity event on the town green to trips around the globe and everything in between.

Saving: Lets.Live showcases deals, discounts and bargains on the very best relevant products and services that most accurately align with our members’ interest profile.