Scott Carpenter Park

Scott Carpenter Park
30TH And Arapahoe, Boulder, CO 80305


  • 30TH And Arapahoe, Boulder, CO 80305
  • (303) 441-3427


  • Tuesday 10th of August 2021 14:08:34 PM
    Great family park and swim area. Killer outdoor slides, diving boards (even a high dive platform), rock climbing wall that goes into the water as well as a...
  • Thursday 22nd of July 2021 14:09:47 PM
    Great pool, super clean a lot of fun for our 11, 12, and 13 year olds. Would definitely recommend this place for hot summer days.
  • Tuesday 14th of June 2016 15:45:20 PM
    Nice park with a playground for young kids, a baseball field, skate park, 50m pool and of course plenty of grass to play on. It has a private parking lot,...