Briar Patch Park

Briar Patch Park
1400 Sterling Blvd, Sterling, VA 20164


  • 1400 Sterling Blvd, Sterling, VA 20164


  • Tuesday 6th of July 2010 12:23:16 PM
    I recently attended a toddler's birthday party at this park and was extremely impressed! It's basically 4 playgrounds next to each other with tennis...
  • Wednesday 8th of June 2022 13:55:14 PM
    What an awesome park!!!! Multiple playscapes for children of all ages that are pretty new (several years old). Only knocked off a stare because there is...
  • Wednesday 11th of November 2020 08:35:03 AM
    This playground was renovated and is awesome!!! I would say kids 2-8 would appreciate it the most! My two year old son had a blast running around. There are...