Harvey West Park

Harvey West Park
326 Evergreen St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060


  • 326 Evergreen St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060


  • Monday 3rd of July 2023 13:19:15 PM
    Excellent park for families. There are picnic tables and a flower garden. I love that there's plenty of trees for shade. Parking is free. This is a...
  • Sunday 5th of June 2022 22:42:54 PM
    Currently camping here for the night for AIDS/LifeCycle. This park is beautiful and spacious with lots of tables and chairs nestled between tall giant...
  • Sunday 16th of April 2023 14:38:09 PM
    This was the first time at Harvey West Park quite different from a parks around our area ( Pasadena ) we're new to the area just visiting. Really nice park....