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For the Love of Mountains - A Team Trip to Kanatal

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Having been quite a while since we escaped the madness of city life & we have planned a trip to Kanatal - Uttrakhand sounded exciting! There were many factors which went into selecting it for our team vacation, one of them being it's relatively less touristy compared to other famous holiday destinations.


We got a new experience of living at Kanatal

We have started our trip journey & it itself was an indication of the excitement that awaited for us. The change in the landscape reflected the change in our moods. We had been planning a team vacation for quite some time, and now it was underway. It was a thought that brought about a contented smile on my face. Soon, the maddening chaos of gurugram gave way to the wide fields and villages of its neighbor, Uttar Pradesh.

As we progressed in our journey, we were suddenly reminded of the fact that there were roads where cars were not engaged in battles, where stars could still be seen in the sky, and where people still had the time to sit around in the evenings and cozy up for a chat. Rows upon rows of fields passed us by, the lush countryside appealing to us more than ever before. After a brief stopover for dinner, we resumed our journey. It wasn’t long before the sound of the car and my full stomach lulled me to sleep.

We have done camping & when I awoke, I found my eyes meeting the silhouettes of mountains in the distance, with miles and miles of cliffs between us and them. Enthusiastically, the fresh air all over again makes me feel very positive, fresh & happy. Only someone who has stayed in the mountains long enough knows what the mountain air smells like, a delightful mixture of mud, leaves and wood.

The sides of my lips stretched themselves to their furthest point when I saw the board – “Welcome to Uttarakhand. Have a safe journey!” We were finally here! Something told me that this was going to be one of the best team trips I have had in my life.